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Font Paradise was created because there was no site that presents fonts in an easily accessible way and allows people to avoid the extra work associated with font downloading, unzipping and installation. With our innovative ActiveFont technology, people can just click on a font they like and let their web browser download and install the selected font for them so they can start to use it immediately. Since many people don't even know how to install fonts, this technology allows everyone to add new fonts directly from our web site by just a click of the mouse.

Our site contains only Windows TrueType fonts in ZIP archives that are completely free for personal, non-commercial use (see disclaimer) - no shareware or commercial fonts are found here. Many fonts that are available from the Internet may look free at first sight, but a lot of these are actually distributed as shareware, that means they are free for testing, but if you want to use them in your designs/documents, the author wants to get some money (so read the text files that come with fonts you have downloaded elsewhere).


We would like to send a big thanks to the authors of all these free fonts listed here! We hope that through Font Paradise you will get more exposure and more fans, so don't drop your font editor :)


Font Paradise is a service of Meyer Media.
Copyright © 2007 Meyer Media.
All listed fonts are free for personal non-commercial use, see disclaimer.
Have questions? See FAQ

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